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Emails for millionaires

Another couple doozies from the e-mail pen of Republican National Committee Chairman Robert M. “Mike” Duncan:

Three weeks [until the election] to show that responsible Republican policies of cutting taxes and reining in out-of-control pork-barrel spending are what our economy needs to spur growth and create jobs, not huge Obama-Biden Democrat tax hikes, protectionism, and wasteful expenditures.

Just three weeks to communicate the facts about our opponents that the liberal media won’t: Barack Obama’s troubling past and close ties to leftist radicals like Bill Ayers and convicted criminals like Tony Rezko.

I understand that pinning “tax hikes” on Democrats is a long-established — and often effective — Republican meme.  But this is not the 1970’s, the 1980’s, or the 1990’s.  McCain and the Republicans seem to continually be operating on an outdated script.  As the tenor of their Convention indicated, they are conjuring up a “liberal” phantom that does not exist — and in the meantime acting as if Washington had been run in the past eight years, as someone I read put it, “by Adlai Stevenson, not George W. Bush.”

Again, it seems to me — and, I imagine, the average debate watcher — that Obama has no plans to raise taxes for those making under $250,000 a year.  This leaves the conclusion that either the Republicans are lying outright (nooo…say it ain’t so, Joe), or that I accidentally received the email meant to be sent only to millionaires.  My bet is on the former.

As for Ayers and Rezko…”Just three weeks” to continue a strategy that has not seemed to be working at all…Good luck.

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