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NPR is as bad as Fox News

God willing that is the only time I will ever say that…

But NPR’s Morning Edition today reported that Hofstra students, whose campus will host tonight’s presidential debate, were attempting to give their fellow students a bit of historical perspective by re-enacting debates between Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.

As the folks at Fox News can hopefully attest to, those historic debates in 1858 were between Lincoln and Illinois Congressman Stephen Douglas.  Now I suppose NPR could have been relating the story correctly — with an odd absence of injecting fact-checking into the story — and that it was in fact the Hofstra students who were misinformed, but something tells me this was more likely just a little mental error on the part of the NPR correspondent.

I suppose it’s good that Frederick Douglass is well remembered, but it’s a little insulting that even mainstream media outlets apparently don’t remember why he should be remembered.  And as for poor Stephen, no one even recalls that he won that 1858 congressional race with Lincoln.

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