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Washington is a fine city — even if it was built on a stinking swamp

Thank you, Anne Applebaum, for exonerating us innocent D.C. denizens of the smear that we seem to be tarred with every election cycle.

A specter is haunting this presidential election — the specter of “Washington.” Not Washington the city of museums and monuments, and not Washington the home of 588,000 mostly ordinary people, but “Washington” the metaphor: Washington, the bastion of elites who look down on the rest of America; Washington, the embodiment of the East Coast liberal establishment that scorns outsiders from the provinces.

If there is no “Main Street,” then it should quickly become clear that, as Applebaum straightforwardly concludes, this “Washington” does not exist either.  The fact that the “Washington” that politicians so eagerly rail at is comprised mostly of “outsiders” already — many of them the very lawmakers who trashed the city on the stump — does not seem to cross office-seekers’ minds.  They have constructed their straw man, and it must be burned in effigy year in and year out — even if it means torching the rest of us by association.


October 7, 2008 - Posted by | U.S. politics

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