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Judge Judge sheds his wig

If there’s no other reason to read British papers, it’s because you might find tidbits like this:

Sir Igor Judge, now Lord Judge, has taken over as lord chief justice, and Lord Phillips becomes senior law lord for a year, going on to be the first chief justice of the new court.

It’s enough that the new Chief Justice’s first name is Igor, but Lord Chief Justice Judge? (His wikipedia entry reads, somewhat confusingly, “Igor Judge, Baron Judge.”)  The biggest news in the British legal system this year, though, according to this author, is that judges will no longer be donning the customary white wigs.  They will also be changing their color (er, colour) scheme, which allows for some nifty preparation by defendants.

So, provided you’ve swotted up the colours, you’ll know immediately what kind of court you’ve stepped into and how much respect the judge is worth.

Swot up, then, old chaps!

(image from flickr user SouthBankSteve using a Creative Commons license)


October 6, 2008 - Posted by | Humor

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