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Say “Bush!”

I watched Obama’s economic speech in LaCrosse, Wisconsin this morning.  He began the speech by discussing the roots of the financial crisis.  As expected, he railed on the “greed and irresponsibility” of Wall Street executives.  He proclaimed that an economic “philosophy” based on such green and irresponsibility would have to end.  Not once, though, did he mention the other conspicuous architects of our economic malaise — those who have stewarded over the sinking economy over the past eight years, those great tax cutters and deregulators, free-market absolutists and gung-ho capitalists.  These folks have names. They are called Republicans, and they bear great responsibility for the state of the economy right now.  Chief among these culpable Republicans is the President, a fellow by name of George W. Bush.

As TNR‘s snarky editors point out, Barack Obama is running as a Democrat.  His opponent is a Republican.  This should make for an easy political calculus, and one that I too cannot understand why he is shying away from.  Surely Obama can point out this simple fact without scaring away the faint-hearted waverers whom his consultants fear that “attacks” will antagonize.  Yet the closest he came in his speech this morning was to allude to “this President.”  And even that was to point out that even the Great Decider had come around to Obama’s perspective on some issue.

With a President with such appalling approving ratings, expressing agreement should not be the only context in which he is named.


October 1, 2008 - Posted by | U.S. politics

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