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Conservatives lack irony

This is Brett Schaefer, a conservative at The Heritage Foundation, grinding his axe against UN peacekeeping, here with the example of missteps that the Security Council took in deploying a still-struggling peacekeeping mission to Darfur:

The council also entered a conflict situation against the lessons of its own experience. It compounded the error by failing to adopt clear objectives, metrics for success, or an exit strategy. [emphasis mine]

Let’s think…do these criticisms apply anywhere else?

What baffles me about many conservatives is how eagerly they will dissect the failings of, say, UN peacekeeping missions, but completely overlook the fact that these same diagnoses could be made quite legitimately of the U.S. misadventure in Iraq.  The vehemence of insisting on victory, once again, seems to obscure the ability to discern, or even consider, not only things like “clear objectives, metrics for success, or an exit strategy” in Iraq, but also, alas, even the grimmest of ironies.


September 23, 2008 - Posted by | Darfur, Iraq

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