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George Will in a Bubble

I was encouraged that George Will acknowledged the “Palin bubble.”  Coming from a usually intelligent, certainly articulate conservative, acknowledgment that Palin-mania is completely over the top is reassuring.  Unfortunately, even as Will sees the Palin bubble bursting, he remains trapped in a bubble of doctrinaire Republican thinking, one that remains deeply unintellectual and relies on a series of baseless conservative canards.

Will accepts without question the premise that liberals “condescend” toward Sarah Palin.  Where is the recognition that this charge may in fact be fabricated by the Right?  He unquestioningly trots out the stereotype that liberals dominate academia and the “mainstream media.”  This is not the mark of an honest columnist.  I may disagree deeply with Will’s reading of the Employee Free Choice Act, and the other substantive matters he discusses in his columns, but he is only undermining his case by wholly swallowing Republican tropes that are a product not of actual investigation, but of a calculated political campaign.


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