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Quiet, Barack, it’s not your turn yet

I am by no means a rigorous Convention-watcher, but from my sense of things, the powers that be in Denver have kept the man of the hour pretty well hidden away until, well, his hour on Thursday night. My anecdotal example: in the video I watched of Senator Kennedy’s speech last night, the camera kept panning not to the Democrats’ presidential candidate, but to the prospective Vice, a smiling Joe Biden. Meanwhile, Obama is stumping through Iowa. Does Obama really need to do any more campaigning, or is this just to avoid the awkwardness of sitting quietly and smile gamely when everyone’s entire purpose is to compliment you for four straight days?

I understand the motivations of wanting to minimize public view of Barack until his big speech. But, in an interview I heard on NPR this morning (he must have sneaked off to give the press some love), Obama seemed to undermine this purpose, explaining that his speech is not intended to showcase his rhetorical ability, but to lay out a workmanlike plan to improve the country. If we’re all waiting to hear you speak, Barack, we want to hear you speak.


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