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People love their cars–and hate bikers

The scariest part about having an SUV cut me off, its (large and angry) driver honk loudly, almost run me over, charge out of the car , scream in my face, attempt to shove me (and break my just-fixed sandal in the process, asshole), and in general make a big and violent scene about me touching his car as I tried to balance myself on my bike when he cut me off (okay, and I gave him the finger) was the fact that he was willing to go to such violent extremes because I touched his car. How possessive and materialistic does one have to be to almost come to blows on a major road, in the middle of the day, and in front of a Whole Foods, no less, over touching a car? He seemed more attached to his SUV–and its corruption from my filthy fingertips–than to his wife, who he was attempting to bowl over in his rush to attack this poor biker.

Though I guess if someone touched my bike, I’d be pretty upset too.


August 26, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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